Tracking Pendakian Gunung Raung, Mount Raung

Tracking Pendakian Gunung Raung, Mount Raung

If you are planning to climb Gunung Raung, it is important to have the proper equipment to ensure your safety and comfort during the ascent. Here are some of the essential items that you should bring:

  1. Hiking shoes or boots - sturdy footwear with good traction and ankle support is necessary for navigating the steep and rocky terrain.

  2. Hiking socks - bring several pairs of moisture-wicking socks to keep your feet dry and prevent blisters.

  3. Backpack - a durable and comfortable backpack with a capacity of at least 40 liters is recommended to carry all your gear and supplies.

  4. Tent - if you plan to camp overnight, bring a lightweight tent that can withstand windy and rainy conditions.

  5. Sleeping bag and sleeping pad - to keep you warm and comfortable during the night.

  6. Clothing - bring layers of clothing suitable for both cold and warm weather, as temperatures can vary widely on the mountain. A waterproof jacket and pants are also recommended in case of rain.

  7. Headlamp or flashlight - essential for navigating in the dark.

  8. Water bottles - bring enough water to stay hydrated throughout the climb. There are water sources along the trail, but it's best to bring a water filtration system or purification tablets in case the water is not safe to drink.

  9. Food and snacks - bring high-energy snacks and meals to keep you fueled during the climb.

  10. First aid kit - bring a basic first aid kit with supplies for blisters, cuts, and other minor injuries.

It's also important to bring a map, compass, or GPS device, and to familiarize yourself with the trail and the weather conditions before starting your climb. And as always, practice Leave No Trace principles by packing out all your trash and minimizing your impact on the environment.

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